Tuesday, 8 June 2010

10-In Apple Table Picture Emerges Leaked iSlate Picture Revealed; The Tablet is a Giant iPhone

There we go, folks! The first leaked pics of the Apple iSlate have been
found. It s either that or some photoshopping skils have been seriously
put to the test. If we are to believe everything we hear, and you know
we don t, we d tell you that this enormous iPhone is the 10-inch tablet
that s supposed to be launched on January 26/27.On the other hand, for
months now, we have been talking about the first Apple tablet that is
going to look more like a giant iPhone. So why shouldn t be the picture
above be real? After all, our mind is already set to expect a tablet
like an iPhone. Should we be surprised by the supposedly leaked photo?
Should we expect more?
I will admit that some tablet designs that have circulated the web in
the last couple of months look great but don t expect Apple to follow
those particular lines. A larger iPhone as a tablet sounds pretty
plausible. Everyone recognizes the iPhone already so why change a
friendly face?
As you can see the device in the picture is not complete. It lacks most
parts as it s only the glass meant to be used for the tablet. The holes
in it represent the home button and a speaker. Will a speaker be enough
to deliver all that multimedia content?
Furthermore, I would imagine that he guy or gal that snapped this
quickly taken photo would be able to present other pictures of the
device which would prove its authenticity. Will we see more in the
following days?
Before we draw any final conclusion we could also add the Apple factor
to the hypothesis. Has Cupertino leaked this picture on purpose in order
to watch the bloggers argue about it? We might never find out the answer
to that question but we will see the tablet in two weeks from now and we
re definitely excited to see what it will be like

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