Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse Eclipse Bluetooth Mouse with Gesture Control Trackpad

What with Mike having already brought you news concerning the Mad Catz
Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse we follow up with another distinctive mouse from Mad
Catz, known as the Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse, which comes
with integrated optical trackpad (instead of the more traditional scroll
wheel) that responds to gestures based commands.
Already being compared to Apple s Magic mouse (much in the same way that
any half reasonable touchscreen phone bares inevitable comparison with
the iPhone) the Bluetooth Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse aside
from allowing you to scroll in any of four directions with a swipe of
your finger across the optical trackpad can also purportedly be
programmed to recognise a series of user gestures to trigger definable
actions (though we have, at this stage, limited knowledge as to the
specific capabilities of this particular feature such as the number of
commands that can be programmed and the scope of gestures that the mouse
can recognise).
Powered by a single AA battery (alas the mouse is not rechargeable in
its own right) the Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse, which will
happily play ball with Windows 7, Vista and XP, is set to retail for
around the $60 price point but we are, at this stage, unable to advise
as to a date of availability.
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