Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 Unveiled Lapdesk Keeps Your Lap, Notebook Cold, Features Big Speakers

Logitech has unveiled a new lapdesk for notebook users, which will help
keep you comfortable, cool and entertained while using your notebook on
your lap. The N700 has a USB-powered fan that will cool your notebook
while keeping your legs shielded via a heat-shielding design . External
speakers built into the lapdesk also give you new options for expanding
the sound capabilities of your notebook.
The entire lapdesk is powered by USB, so as long as your notebookย has
a free USB port, there isn't any need for a bulky power adapter to power
the devices. The top of the device where the notebook will sit has a
slotted surface where a single fan will keep your precious computer
cool. On the bottom, Logitech has added air-mesh fabric, and that
combined with 'thermal shielding' will keep you cool and comfortable
while the lapdesk is in use.
The final big feature of the N700 is the external speakers it sports. It
has two 2W speakers built into the sides of the lapdesk. When connected
via USB – they'll expand the sound of your notebook, great for
watching movies or TV shows comfortably. The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk
N700 is now shipping, and will cost you $80.
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