Saturday, 22 May 2010

HTC WiMAX and Palm C40 Phones Get Leaked Sprint 2010 Roadmap Includes HTC WiMAX Handset and New Palm Smartphone

It s only natural for us to expect WiMAX and LTE phones at some point
later this year. While LTE is yet to be turned on in various U.S.
markets by Verizon, Sprint has already setup its WiMAX network in
various locations. But the carrier hasn t announced any WiMAX-ready
handset so far.Do we have to wait any longer for WiMAX devices? A leaked
spreadsheet is showing us Sprint s line-up for 2010 and beside lots of
LG and Samsung phones one can easily spot a certain HTC WiMAX candybar
phone dubbed the A9292. As you expect there are no details on said phone
so we ll have to wait until Sprint is good and ready to launch it. Is it
an Android device? Is it running Windows Mobile? These are all valid
questions but we have no answers for them at this particular time.
One other interesting handset is a certain Palm C40. As you already know
Sprint is already offering two webOS phones, the Pre and the Pixi.
Moreover, Verizon is getting ready to launch the Palm Pre Plus and the
Palm Pixi Plus later this year. One would imagine that Sprint wants to
freshen up its webOS inventory and that C40 device might just be the new
Palm smartphone we re waiting for.
Also interesting, but not a must have phone, the BlackBerry Tour 2 9650
appears on that same leaked roadmap. It s going to bring you Wi-Fi and
BlackBerry 5.0 OS support but if you ll want a BlackBerry smartphone
later this year you should better be waiting for a brand new one.
Like I said before Sprint will launch a plethora of LG and Samsung
handsets which we ll have time to explore once we get there. A potential
Windows Mobile 7 Motorola phone could also be announced by Sprint later
this year but we ll have to wait for Sprint to make everything official
in its own due time.
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