Monday, 24 May 2010

HP Slate Official Imagery & Video Released HP Slate Tablet PC with Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Previewed

Only yesterday Chris offered you a pretty extensive insight concernin
g the CES unveiling of the new 12 � HP Slate tablet (see: HP �Slate PC
� Revealed by Microsoft at CES 2010 for full details) and now, by way of
a brief follow up, we can at last bring you not only some decent
official imagery of the HP Slate but we can also offer up a pretty
short, but none-the-less tantalising, video of the Hp Slate in action.
Admittedly, as far as official promo videos go, HP s video of their
Slate is careful not to give anything away in terms of absolute detail
(it really is pretty cryptic), but as it s the first video we ve seen of
the HP Slate action operational, we thought it may be of interest to you
" not least because the Slate appears to be pulling together as a
rather formidable tablet PC (and one that will doubtless be viewed with
keen interest not only by those generally interested in tablet PCs but
also by those keenly anticipating Apples offering).
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