Monday, 24 May 2010

Entourage Edge Gets Official at CES 2010 Entourage Edge to Sell for $490 Starting Next Month

The Entourage Edge is a dual-screen eBook reader which we talked about
last year. The company making it, Entourage Systems, has decided to
officially announce the device at CES 2010 and we have more details
about the Edge for you today.The entourage eDGe, that s how they spell
it, is the world s first �dualbook that combines the functionalities of
an e-reader, tablet netbook
, note pad and audio/video player and recorder into one, sleek solution.
� You know how this Edge reader looks to me after reading those lines?
Like a Courier tablet, or the device that could exist if Microsoft
acknowledged it yesterday at CES.
The device will be available at some point next month and it will cost
you $490. Too expensive for an e-reader you say? Well you could be right
especially since the Edge is not really a computer, is it? And I d
definitely choose the upcoming Apple tablet over the Edge in case I d
want a device capable of helping me do other things than just reading.
The Edge employs two different screens. The left side is a 9.7-inch
e-paper display for reading various files while the right side is a
10.1-inch LCD screen that will help you surf the web, send emails or
chat with friends. That sounds pretty interesting especially since the
displays are meant to work together. You can pull pages from the left
panel to the right one in order to enjoy images in color on the LCD.
Other features include a built-in noise concealing microphone, a 1.3
megapixel camera and support for video and audio recording and playback.
Once you purchase the device you will have access to over �200,000
trade books and more than one million free public domain books digitized
by Google. � So what do you say folks? Are you ready to replace your
Kindles with an Entourage Edge dualbook reader?
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