Friday, 30 April 2010

Samsung TL210 & TL205 DualView Cameras Break Cover Entry-level TL210 & TL205 Digital Cameras to Feature Front LCDs

Although not sure what's so interesting about owning a digital camera
with a front-facing LCD (apparently it's easier for photographers to
picture themselves in the fun), it's not me to decide what Sammmy offers
to their clients. These being said, check out the newly introduced
Samsung TL210 and TL205 cameras that the company has added to their
DualView collection.
If both shooters feature a 12MP CCD sensor and 1.5-inch LCD screens on
the front, the new Samsung TL210 comes bundled with Samsung's Advanced
Dual Image Stabilization (IS) technology, a larger back-mounted 3-inch
display, 5x optical zoom, 720p HD video recording at 30 fps and an
option HDMI adaptor to connect it directly to your HDTV or HD monitor.
As for the younger TL205 brings a 2.7-inch display, only 3x optical zoom
and a lower quality 640 x 480 video recording mode.
Other than that, the TL210 and TL20 also feature the company's Perfect
Portrait System, Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Red-eye Fix, and Beauty
Shot technologies for perfect portraits.
Expect to have them in stores starting this March.
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