Friday, 30 April 2010

Microsoft Courier Tablet to be Unveiled at CES Microsoft & HP to Officially Launch the Courier Today

CES 2010 is about to bring a device to the world that could very well
change the way we will imagine tablets this year. I am talking about the
Courier, the tablet made by Microsoft and HP in order to properly fight
against Apple s upcoming tablet.Cupertino is going to unveil its tablet
at some point later this month but Microsoft w
ill not wait any longer. The Courier is coming and according to most
reports, Microsoft and HP will launch it today at the Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Steve Ballmer himself is said to present
Microsoft s new toy today and we will be waiting to see what it s all about.
We have covered the Courier before and we know plenty about the device
already. It s a dual-touchscreen book-like tablet which should be very
useful for those of you that are always on the go but still require a
very portable and practical computer to help you get the job done
faster. However the tablet has been crafted to suit all needs. Whether
it s work or leisure, the Courier has the potential to meet our
expectations. Reading eBooks, browsing the web, enjoying audio and video
content should all be possible with a Courier in our hands.
The question is, will the Courier be able to impress us? Will the tablet
be a winner product for Microsoft? We ve already seen the pictures of it
and we have gotten a taste of its multitouch-based UI last year. On
comparison Apple hasn t revealed anything regarding its much awaited
tablet. Microsoft has already made a risky move by showing the Courier
prototype and its user interface ahead of time. And now it seems Ballmer
Co. are ready for an even riskier one, launching the Courier three
weeks before Apple announces its own.
Whatever happens today at CES, the Courier will only be available later
this year. We will return with official specs, features and prices once
the device becomes official so stick around, folks!
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