Friday, 2 April 2010

Ricoh Stussy-Branded GR Digital 3 Camera Revealed California Fashion Brand Stussy Teams With Ricoh To Create Limited Edition Camera

To celebrate their 30th birthday next year, fashion brand Stussy has
teamed with Japanese electronics giant Ricoh to produce several limited
edition Stussy-branded digital cameras. The camera is based on Ricoh's
GR Digital III camera, which made it's debut in August 2009.
The Stussy camera will be very similar to theย originalย GR Digital III,
aside from some special blue trim around the camera, and some
'Stussy-style fonts' for the words on the camera. The camera will likely
only appeal to the super hardcore Stussy fans, as only 500 are being
produced and they'll cost $1,100.
The technical side of the camera remains unchanged from the GR Digital
III, with a 10-megapixel sensor, 28mm lens, 4x zoom, 3-inch LCD display
on back, a SD card slot and a USB port. The Stussy camera will be
released in Japan in February 2010 to celebrate Stussy's 30th
anniversary. Any interested parties should contact their favorite tech
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