Friday, 2 April 2010

ASUS Releasing Roomba Competitor ASUS Reveals ECleaner Vacuum Robot

Taiwan's ASUS is planning to release an automated
roboticย vacuumย cleaner, similar to the famous Roomba from iRobot. The
ASUS ECleaner will first be offered in China and Taiwan. While the
ECleaner appears very sim
ilar to the Roomba, it has a few key features that make it stand ahead
of the Roomba.
The ECleaner will work like the Roomba, by using a mathematical
algorithm and a 'surveying' phase to determine the dimensions of the
room you want it to clean. It will be able to use sensors to avoid
threats like staircases. The ECleaner will also automatically return to
its docking station when it is done or when it needs to be be recharged.
The ECleaner will feature a 6000-hour UV light for disinfecting
surfaces, along with a slot for spreading scents, and a remote control
for a manual override of the ECleaner. According to a report from Wired
magazine, ASUS is using theirย manufacturingย abilities to go after the
Roomba in price. iRobot's most popular Roomba, the series 500, costs
$280 while the ECleaner is set to sell in Taiwan for NT$5000 ($155 USD).
No word on a North American or European release, but the ASUS ECleaner
is set to come out in China and Taiwan at the end of this month.
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