Saturday, 10 April 2010

Owen E1 eBook Reader Has Nice Curves New Chinese eBook Reader Revealed, 5-inch screen

The Owen E1 is just the latest in eBook readers we've seen pouring out
of China. Unlike some of them, the Owen E1 is actually decent looking.
It features some attractive dull black plastic and a 6-inch E Ink
screen, a display size similar to the Kindle.
Owen claims the E1 was designed by a famed product designer who has
designed products for Nokia and Samsung, and claims (albeit, through
machine translated Chinese) that the E1 sports fuselage precision in
the construction of the device. The product designer could be why the E1
doesn't look as bad as the previous slabs of
plastic called eBook readers coming out of China.
Other than the size of the screen, specs on device are scarce. It'll
feature a SD card slot for memory expansion and a USB port for charging
and data transfer. Like most eBook readers, it'll also be capable of
playing music files and will come with headphones. Battery life is
impressive, as Owen claims one charge will last 10,000 E Ink page turns.
No word on the release date, pricing, or if this reader is coming
America or Europe.
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