Sunday, 4 April 2010

Nobil Reveals Juice Ingenious Mobile Charger by Hiroaki Tanaka The Juice Mobile Charger Offers Multi-Faceted Charging Options For Gadgets On The Go

The Juice Ingenious Mobile Charger is a mobile power supply that
provides multi-faceted charging options for your USB or battery-powered
gadgets.ย The Juice Mobile Charger stores juice in it's mobile
battery pack that can be redistributed to your gadgets as needed.
Designer Hiroaki Tanaka created the Juice Ingenious Mobile Charger as a
solution for those of us who carry multiple gadgets along with us on the
go.ย Your mobile phone, digital camera, portable media player and more
can all suck up a significant amount of power during the day.ย For
longer trips without a power source, the Juice Mobile Charger can help
top off your gear as their batteries drain.
The system works by plugging into a wall unit and charging Juice's
internal battery.ย LED lights in Juice's body display the amount of
charge the unit is holding, ready to charge your gadgets when a power
source isn't handy.ย It'll charge AA batteries on AIR HOLDERS on
either side of the body, in addition to a USB output for your
USB-focused accessories.
The Juice Ingenious Mobile Charger (no word if that ingenious is part
of the title or just an adjective added to juice up the press release)
will be available in Japan and Taiwan in early 2010, and likely to the
US later next year.ย No word on pricing just yet– nor is there
any concrete data about storage capacity.
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