Sunday, 4 April 2010

HTC Espresso Reveals New Sense UI HTC Working on new HTC Sense User Interface?

We don t have a clear idea of the HTC Espresso yet but it looks like the
smartphone will come with a totally new HTC Sense user interface. The
leaked shots prove that HTC is working on modifying the new UI and I ll
have to say that so far nothing extraordinary has been leaked.Is it just
me or do those buttons neatly arranged on the screen look more and more
like the buttons found on the iPhone s home screen?
The Espresso is rumored to arrive in the first half of the year and
people say it s coming with a QWERTY keyboard. Other than that we have
really no details about the phone. The HTC Espresso was m
entioned in an Android 2.1 ROM so it s safe to say that the handset
should be one of the first Android phones coming from HTC next year. The
phone could be unveiled around MWC in February but we re probably going
to get all the details about it before it goes official.
The HTC Sense will offer you a new bar at the bottom. Unlike the one
found on the Hero for example, the new bar shows a new icon for �People
� which could lead to your contacts. That way you ll be able to make
calls even faster, right? After all, the primary job of any phone is
making and receiving calls.
As you can see the apps are neatly arranged, each one in its proper box,
but that particular design isn t to thrilling. HTC has plenty of time to
play with the new Sense UI version and tweak it around until the
Espresso becomes official. On the other hand, it s not exactly that much
that can be done when it comes to ordering a bunch of icons on a small
screen. We re bound to see similarities between different mobile
platforms sooner or later when it comes to these app screens for example.
What do you say? Do the looks of HTC Sense UI matter all that much to you?
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