Thursday, 1 April 2010

LG Reveals 0.1 Inch Thick LCD TV LG's Razor Thin LCD Display Will Be The World's Thinnest?

LG Display has revealed a new LCD TV that measures only 2.6mm thick (0.1
inches), possibly the world's thinnest LCD TV on record.ย This
ultra-thin LCD may come in a low-profile package, but it maintains
market standards with full 1080p playback and a 120Hz refresh rate.
LG's 42-inch super-svelte TV is made thinner thanks to an edge-lit LED
backlight and a new form of optical film.ย This techn
ology maintains image quality standards while shedding both weight and
size in the LCD form factor.ย This unit will offer the aforementioned
1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate in an LCD that will weigh around
8.8 pounds across a 42-inch screen.ย Build that into a TV unit, says
LG, and you can mount this on your wall in a heartbeat.
LG's last record-setting LCD TV measured in at a hefty-by-comparison
5.9mm thickness.ย We're curious, just how anorexic can these
televisions get, and is there a true consumer demand driving this trend
of thinner is better ?ย These questions should be answered at CES in
January, where LG's super thin prototype LCD will be demoed for select
private audiences.
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