Saturday, 17 April 2010

LG Announces LG Infinia LE9500 LED LCD TV LG Reveals 3D-Ready Line of LED TVs

LG has announced a new 3D-ready line of LED TV's that will begin
shipping this spring/summer.ย The LG Infinia TVs and the LG Infinia
LE9500 LED TV flagship represent LG's leap from CCFL LCD's to LED LCD's
and the ability to play back new 3D TV formats.
The LG Infinia line of LED LCDs will include the 55-inch flagship, the
LG Infinia LE9500 as well as the LE8500, LE7500, LE5500, LE5400, and
LE5300 models.ย All but the LE5300 models under 32 will sport a 1080p
resolution and most of the TVs in this line will feature LG's new
NetCast Entertainment Access, which will allow Skype and Divx TV
The LG Infinia LE9500 will feature a speedy refresh rate of 480Hz, while
the LE8500 offers 240Hz before tapering down to the standard 120Hz for
the rest of the line.ย While the full range will sport LED technology,
the LG Infinia LE9500 model stands out from the group as LG's first-ever
TV to support 3D TV playback.ย The details on this functionality
weren't fleshed out in LG's press release, but expect more details on
this to come as we near the Infinia ship dates later this year.ย
Pricing info is also not yet available.
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