Thursday, 8 April 2010

HTC To Show Off Android Tablet Privately At CES? Internet Rumors Claim HTC Android Tablet Will Feature Physical Keyboard, Snapdragon Chip

Tablets will be th
e hot item this year at CES, with an 'iSlate' impending from the
800-pound gorilla Apple, and all the controversy over the CrunchPad
JooJoo. A report hitting the internet reports that HTC has prepared a
tablet running Android, and the tablet will be privately shown off to
HTC business partners at CES, with a press unveiling later on.
HTC CEO Peter Chou denied rumors of a HTC tablet in October 2009, but
did confirm that HTC's engineers were looking into such a device. A
source familiar with the HTC tablet is reporting that it'll use a
Snapdragon 1GHz processor – this seems likely considering HTC's
fondness for the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The leak reports that
the HTC tablet will use new software from Adobe which many have
interpreted as the promised new Flash plugin for Android.
Tablets, which once were used exclusively by medical professionals and
digital graphic artists, are becoming more and more mainstream, with the
high profile JooJoo and the highly-anticipated Apple iSlate.
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