Tuesday, 13 April 2010

HSTi WirelessMediaStrick Replaces Digital Media Box WirelessMediaStick Lets You Stream Media Directly To DVR, TV, DVD Player

Digital Media Boxes that let you steam content off of your home network
to your television are common, like the Roku or the recently covered
Popbox, but the WirelessMediaStick could put them all in the junk pile.
This new gadget, roughly the size of a USB thumb drive, can plug
directly into a TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, DVR – anything,
with a USB port, and stream your video content, without the need for an
additional set-top box.
Technical details on the WirelessMediaStick are scare, but what we do
know is that when plugged into your set-top device of choice, it acts as
an emulated mass storage device. It then can play any video or music
files found on your network, either from a shared computer or mass
storage device.
The technology for this little wonder will be managed by a web-based
interface that you'll need a computer to work. It can automatically
discover any new media in your home network, and you can use any
universal remote with it. It if works as advertised – it could
replace any digital media set-top unit out there. No word on pricing or
availability yet – but HSTi will be showing it off at CES.
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