Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Android OS Coming Soon To Your Microwave NIM1000 Control Module Runs Android, Controls Home Appliances

Google's Android is slowly showing up everywhere. It was the hot mobile
OS of 2009, and has made appearances in GPS units and even netbooks, and
now, Android is heading to your kitchen and laundry room
s. A company called Touch Revolution is planning to bring Android to
washing machines and microwaves.
Touch Revolution's NIM1000 module will be the controls for various home
appliances, and Touch Revolution has been demoing the units in the
aforementioned washing machines and microwaves. For washing machines and
dryers, the NIM1000 can provide touch-screen controls, stain removal
guides, and washing guides, based on data provided by your clothing tags.
For microwaves, Touch Revolution is promoting the NIM1000 as a 'kitchen
command center'. The NIM1000 will be able to connect to Pandora Internet
Radio, display pictures and surf the web – you know, for when
you're microwaving something big that takes almost five minutes.
Do we need something like this? It's great tech, for sure, but
Android-enabled home appliances will likely carry a heavy premium when
they first come out. No word on when we can expect these NIM1000 to
start showing up in your kitchen and laundry rooms. Props to Gizmodo for
the picture.
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