Tuesday, 13 April 2010

CinemaNow Getting 2.0 Upgrade Online Movie Distributor Adding 3D, HD, Mobile Phone Support

You might of never heard of CinemaNow before, but you may have used
their services before. The CinemaNow delivery platform, provided by
Sonic Solutions, is a video content delivery service that provides the
back-end work for Best Buy and Blockbuster's Video On Demand services
– and now CinemaNow is adding a bunch of new features.
3D was a hot topic in the tech world (I'm sure Avatar helped the cause)
and Sonic is ready for the 3D-craze with CinemaNow, as the platform is
now getting support for 3D video content, both on PC and embedded (TV
box) platforms. Sonic has also added streaming HD to the CinemaNow
software – letting them support HD content upto 1080p at high-bit
One of the selling points of Blu-Ray discs is the extra interactive
content that those discs come with – including multiple chapter
points, pop-up menus, audio streams, downloadable special features, and
now CinemaNow can also support these features, letting content owners
provide them to CinemaNow customers.
Expect CinemaNow 2.0 to start showing up in TVs, Blu-Ray players and
DVRs near you soon. Sonic has also promised they're going to bring the
digital distribution platform to Android and Windows Mobile smartphones
– so now you can watch Ben-Hur in 1080p glory at it's original
2.76:1 aspect ratio while on the go.
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