Thursday, 25 March 2010

WarMouse Meta Rises From The Ashes Of OpenOfficeMouse After Design, Legality Controversy, 18-button Mouse Rebranded

The OpenOffice Mouse was a hideous 18-button white mouse that was
designed by 'the open source' community and was endorsed by the people behind the great free open-source office suite.
After some backlash over the circa-1993 design and some legal
questionsย involvingย the OpenOffice name, the 18-button mouse has
resurfaced as the WarMouse Meta, and with a redesign.
This little mouse has been down a long path.ย Originallyย designed by
the OpenOffice community for the hardcore OpenOffice user, the mouse was
to be produced by WarMouse. When pictures of the mouse hit the internet,
the look of the device was almost universally unpopular ( I thought this
was a Photoshop joke. one blog commentator said regarding
theย originalย pictures).
After pictures of the mouse came out, a legalย controversyย came out
when OpenOffice took league action against WarMouse, saying that they
never gave permission to use their name (despite WarMouse providing
archived e-mails to the contrary). WarMouse has now decided to launch
the mouse without the OpenOffice namesake, instead calling it the
OpenOffice Meta, and redesigning the bland white mouse to a black and
red or black and blue color schemes.
WarMouse will reveal moreย informationย about the mouse at CES next
month, but the specs of the OpenOffice mouse were impressive, 512MB of
on-board flash memory (for saving your user profiles from computer to
computer), 1,600 CPI resolution, default control profiles for popular
programs, etc. Theย originalย price for the device was quoted at $75.
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