Thursday, 25 March 2010

Silver PAC Evolution 5500 Remote Revealed Universal Remote Features 4.3" LCD, 256MB of Ram, WiFi

Some of us use the plain remote that came with our televisions. For
those that don't Silver PAC has unveiled pictures and
informations on their new high-end universal remote. The Evolution 5500
will be the king of universal remotes, featuring WiFi,
anย accelerometerย and a touchscreen.
The Evolution 5500 is packaged with features. Thisย universalย remote is
on the verge of being a MID or UMPC. The Evolution 5500 has a ARM9
processor, 256GB of RAM, 1GB of flash storage and a 4.3 touchscreen.
It's designed to be used with a MCPC running Windows Media Center, and
can be tethered to up to 100 different devices.
The screenshots so various 'gadgets' running on the remote – and
it'll be running Windows Embedded CE software. This device even can
stream your pictures off of in a slideshow-like display.
No information on pricing or a release date were revealed about the
high-tech remote (expect it to be very, very expensive), but they did
promise us more information at CES.
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