Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Targus ACP51USZ Notebook Docking Station Revealed Notebook Hub contains DVI port, two USB ports

If the lack of USB ports on your notebook has gotten you down this
holiday season, then you might be interested in this new Docking Station
from Targus, which will come with USB, Video and sound ports, letting
you easily expand your notebook's ports.
The ACP51USZ is
Targus' 4th attempt into the docking station space. This one comes with
aย plethoraย of ports and their unique video output solution. The Targus
station has a DVI output, with no video input. Software installed on
your computer will forward the video output to the docking station, then
out the DVI port. Despite being a neat feature, some users on the
internet reported that the video was laggy and unresponsive. It should
be said that Targus only supports screen resolutions up to 2048 x 1152.
Video isn't the only feature of this docking station. The hub has 4 USB
ports, anย Ethernetย port, andย separateย audio outputs for speakers and
an input for a microphone. Again, all this comes out of your notebook
with just an audio-out cable and a USB output. The Targus ACP51USZ will
set you back $160, and only has support for Windows XP, Vista and 7,
with no support for Mac or Linux, but for Windows users, it's now shipping.
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