Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sungale Kula Portable TV Sungale Reveals 4.3" IPTV with WiFi, Subscription Package

Sungale has released information on the 'Kula', a small portable TV that
uses WiFi toย retrieveย IPTV channels from the web. Users will buy into
a channel subscription package from Sungale, which will offer between
100 and 500 IPTV channels. Although no specifics have beenย announced,
e has promised that their channel packages will not have 'high rates'.
The Kula has an ultra-portable form factor and actually looks a bit like
a MID or tablet. The device packs a 4.3 LCD (not touch) screen, a WiFi
connection, 2GB of on board flash memory and an SD slot. The Kula
doubles as a PMP, also playing music and stored video files, although
the press release from Sungale is vague about if the Kula can record the
IPTV shows you watch (my bet is, it doesn't).
Sungale will be offering three different IPTV channel packages to Kula
customers, the Basic , the Kid and the Grand . Customers of Basic
and Kid packages will get about 100 IPTV channels for free, where
Grand customers will be getting around 500 IPTV channels, and Sungale
will offer all Kula customers a free one-year trial of the Grand
package, which is prettyย generous.
The price will make or break the usefulness of this product, but no
pricing or release date info has come out. Sungale will have a booth at
CES, where more information will be released about the Kula.
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