Monday, 22 March 2010

Sony Adding 3D Games, Motion Controller In 2010 Sony's 2010 Plans Include 3D Gaming, Motion Controls, PlayStation Store

Sony has big plans for the PlayStation 3 in the upcoming new year, as
they plan to release some big new initiatives that t
hey hope, will boost sales and popularity of the PlayStation 3 console.
All of this comes out of an interview that Sony exec John Koller had
with magazine GamePro.
In one of the worst-kept secrets of gaming, Koller revelaed that Sony is
working on motion controllers to compete with the Wii and Microsoft's
upcoming Project Natal. The runaway mainstream success of the Wii has
got Microsoft and Sony scrambling to capitalize on the motion controller
ย craze – and Sony plans to enter that space in 2010. Koller
boldly claimed that Sony's motion control tech will be used in family,
shooter and sports games, and even said I think Project Natal and the
Wii are going to have trouble matching.
Koller also said that a goal of the PlayStation Store is that UMD-based
PSP games will be released – same day, Sony hopes – as
digital games on the PlayStation Store for PS3 users. As for 3D gaming
– Koller barely mentioned it other than it was a one of their
'pillars of focus' for 2010. He did mention something about placing you
as a consumer into the game physically, which is a bit odd, and
probably won't happen in 2010.
At any rate, Sony has a lot of plans for their PlayStation 3 console in
the upcoming year, and with the recent price drop, this could drive more
interest in the console.
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