Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ripple Look Revealed Ripple Small Box Format Desktop Shown, Dual Core Processor, 160GB

South Korea's Ripple has released pictures and information on their new
PC. The Ripple Look as it's being called, is going to be launched in
the Korean market sometime this month, and has a 'Mini PC' form factor,
similar in size and shape to the Mac Mini.
The Ripple Look features an dual-core Intel Atom processor (no clock
speed announced), 1GB of RAM
, a 160GB HDD, andย integratedย Intel graphics.
Ripple'sย commercialย claims that the Look is 'lighter than many laptops'.
Although some have suggested the Ripple Look could be a Media Center PC,
a lack of video/audio ports (other than VGA) sort of limit it in this
regard – HDMI or Compontent would of been nice. That being said,
the Ripple Look does include VESA mounting on the bottom of the box,
letting you attach it to a wall with the same mounting interface that a
HDTV uses. Unfortunately, the Ripple Look isn't equipped with WiFi
support, requiring you to use its Ethernet port.
Ripple admits that the Look isn't an elite gaming machine, and gives
it's possible uses as a Media Center PC; a low-powerย consumptionย PC;
web browsing; or document editing. Theirย commercialย shows people
playing 2000's PC Game of the Year, Diablo 2. While you probably can
play games newer than 10 years old, don't expect to play Crysis on this
It's nice to see a well-made small form-factor Windows PC take on the
Mac Mini, but this thing needs a few refinements (WiFi, HDMI, throw a
GeForce GTS 250M in there). No pricing or release dates for the Ripple
Look were disclosed in today's coverage.
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