Thursday, 25 March 2010

CherryPal Africa is low-low-end laptop $99 laptop released, 7" screen, smart phone processor

CherryPal has gone for the low-low-end of the tech market, with their
new netbook named 'Africa'. The Africa has a very limited set of specs,
and can't even run a fullย versionย of Windows
, and instead offers a Linux OS, or Windows CE.
The specs for this 7-inch monster include a ARM processor clocked at 400
MHz, 256MB of RAM and 2GB of flash memory for storage. Obviously, it's
not intended for gaming or anything serious (CherryPal claims the motto
for this device is Small, Slow, Sufficient ) , and might have trouble
running Firefox 3 if you installed a full-sized OS on it. Fortunately
for Africa buyers, the small netbook comes instead with Windows CE,
which is intended for embedded computer systems, like what you'll find
inย refrigerators. You can opt for a custom Linux OS that was designed
for CherryPal's low-end hardware.
CherryPal says that their manufacturing process for the 'Africa'
isย environmentallyย friendly, and that the 'Africa' consumes less power
than other netbooks. While most TFTS readers probably won't spring for
this elite machine, it could be a nice machine for young kids learning
to use computers, or for elderly people who don't need much more than
this. The CherryPal Africa is now shipping from CherryPal's online
store, and will set you back $99.
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