Sunday, 14 March 2010

Qisda Multimedia Router Revealed New Wireless Router Can Play YouTube Videos, FM Radio, does 802.11n

Details on Qisda'sย multimediaย router have been 'leaked' by the
American Federal Communicationsย Commissionย as the device was getting
its classification permits to be released. Qisda's upcoming router (unnam
ed, so far) will have a host of multimedia features, like watching video
and playing music on your wireless router, without a computer.
The Qisda mystery router will come equipped with speakers and a
touchscreen. Users will be able to access media stored on it's internal
RAM memory, but unfortunately, not on the local network. You'll also be
able to watch YouTube videos, and tune into Internet radio channels, or
old fashioned FM radio if you want.
As for the wireless routing end of business, the Qisda mystery router is
capable of 802.11n and will come with one Ethernet output port. The
cherry on top is the mystery router's ability to double as a radio alarm
clock. No pricing or release date info came out of the FCC's report,
unfortunately, but at the right (low) price point this gadget could be a
nice gift idea, but with just one ethernet port, don't expect this thing
to replace your Linksys WRT54G hub anytime soon.
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