Sunday, 14 March 2010

Apple Adding Subscription Service To iTunes? Apple In Talks To Buy Streaming Music Site Lala

ar online services have offered a monthly subscription plan offering
unlimited music, and iTunes may be heading down that path as they are in
talks to purchase
Website lets users listen to any song only once, then gives
them the option to purchase it for $0.10, the catch being you can't
download it or play it on any mobile device. Music purchased through simply streams off the web on your computer, orย possiblyย a
MID. Lala has a large library of 8 million songs, byย comparison, iTunes
sells 11 million songs in its online store.
Lala started as a service that let people trade music with each other.
When the music industry sent their lawyers, the site reformed into its
current model. If Apple purchases Lala, it may soon offer a
subscription-based model on iTunes, or, perhaps, Lala would
beย integratedย into streaming music on an iPhone or iPod Touch, where
users are limited by the space of their local drives.
It remains to be seen what will happen. While the Lala purchase could be
good for Apple and their users, Google's music search features uses Lala
for its results, and a change in what it provides could hamper Google's
music search features.
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