Tuesday, 9 March 2010

PSPgo Getting UMD? Rumor Reports Logitech Is Working On UMD Add-On For PSPGo

The PSPgo, released just two months ago, is a new verison of Sony's PSP
handheld that instead of featuring the traditional UMD drive –
features 16GB of flash memory to store games and video. A rumor today is
reporting that accessoryย company Logitech is working on an add-on for
the PSPgo that would add a UMD drive.
The PSPgo's new sleek design was popular with many previous PSP owners,
but the lack of a UMD drive has caused
some grief. Sure, a HDD-based model is fine for new users who will make
all their game purchases off the cloud, but previous PSP owners with a
collection of UMD games and movies are unable to play their media on the
new PSPgo.
A source, speaking to gaming blog CVG, is reporting that Logitech is
working on a UMD drive add-on peripheral for the PSPgo, which would
allow people with UMD games and movies to use their older media on the
new handheld. CVG speculates that the device would use the PSPgo's
memory stick port, as add-on hard drives did for the older PSP models.
Another rumor reporting that the next iteration of the PSP (named
PSP-4000) will return the UMD drive to Sony's Handheld. Sony's UMD
(Universalย Media Disc) technology has faced criticism since it was
released, leading to some movie studios to stop offering movies on the UMD.
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