Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pandora Handheld Assembled, Pictures Released Open-Source Gaming Handheld Assembled, Shown On Video

Pandora handheld, which came about sometime before 2007, is being
developed with the goal of incorporating open-source concepts and
suggestions from various internet forum members, leading to an
open-source homebrew sort of handheld. After a few years of development,
the Pandora team gotten a prototype of the device finished, and gave a
demonstration of the device.
The Pandora team dubs the device as the 'most powerful gaming handheld'
and it's hard to argue with that when you look at the specs: 600MHz CPU,
256MB DDR3 RAM and PowerVR-powered graphics processing. These specs put
the Pandora handheld at a place considerably more powerful than the
Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.
However, if you watch the video, the Pandora seems more than just a
gaming platform as it is running a conventional desktop Linux OS and
seems to be more of a UMPC than a gaming handheld. No gaming was shown
in the tech demo, and for good reason – the handheld
willย primarilyย run homebrew games and emulated games from consoles
older than the Sega Dreamcast (so, 2000 andย earlier), and we all
remember what kind of trouble Nokia got into when they showed an
emulator running on their phone.
The Pandora is still likely a considerable amount of time away from it's
release, as this was just a tech demo of an early manufacturing
prototype. No information on pricing or a release date wasย available.
Pandora production case video
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