Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Android Smartphones Coming from Motorola and HTC Droid Successor Gets Leaked; HTC Prepares Android 2.1 Army of Mobile Phones

Feel free to go grab a cup of
coffee and take a sit. We have some serious business to discuss. It
looks like Android is going to get a whole new army of devices from
manufacturers like Motorola and HTC. We ve already shown you the leaked
Sholes Tablet yesterday but we have more hot details for you today.While
the actual specs of the Motorola Sholes Tablet are still scarce, another
Motorola hot handset has been leaked to the masses. We have some very
clear pictures to show you but not that many features for the time
being. The new unnamed Motorola Android phone is said to feature a
3.8-inch touchscreen display, an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and
dual LED flash, a speedy 800 MHz processor and Google s OS under the hood.
You didn t think that was all we have for you today, did you? It looks
like HTC has also leaked a bunch of new Android devices. The codenames
of the new handsets have been found in a leaked 2.1 ROM. HTC has serious
Android plans and I counted no less than 20 names in that list. Among
them there s the much anticipated Dragon and a bunch of Hero versions.
Is HTC going to launch as many phones soon? Well here s the complete
list found within the OS: Bahamas, Bravo, DesireC, Dragon, Dream,
Espresso, Halo, HeroCT, HeroC, Hero, Huangshan, Incredible, Legend,
Liberty, Memphis, Paradise, PassionC, Passion, Sapphire and Supersonic.
We already know the Dream and the Hero and we ve heard a lot about the
Dragon. When will we see the other ones?
What does this all mean you ask? Well we re pretty much sure that all
these phones will get Android 2.1 at some point in the future or will be
launched with Android 2.1 already running in the background.
So now that you re finishing that cup of coffee, we have a quick
question for you! What will you choose? A Motorola or an HTC Android 2.1
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