Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Oregon Scientific +ECO Weather Stations Embrace Solar Power Oregon Scientific Atomic Clock Solar Weather Stations Offer Eco Friendly Forecasting

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Oregon Scientific have released two new +ECO Weather Stations which,
along with embracing eco-friendly solar power courtesy of detachable
solar panels, offer atomic clocks as well as offering indoor and outdoor
temperature readings and LED backlit displays.
Aside from both being capable of serving as atomic clocks complete with
alarm functionalities, and serving as weather stations capable of
displaying both indoor and outdoor temperatures, the more expensive
BAR332ESA +ECO weather station additionally sports a larger display
complete with weather icons allowing you to gain an at-a-glance snapshot
of the prevailing weather conditions (Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy,
Rainy and Snowy) though the UK specific model apparently only shows
overcast and dull (making it right an astonishing 99.9% of the time). I
jest of course (lest someone writes in to advise me I'm wrong, spouting
misinformation, etc, etc).
The RMR331EAV Oregon Scientific +ECO Weather Station is yours for just
shy of $70 whilst the BAR332ESA Oregon Scientific +ECO Weather Station,
with larger display and weather icons, is yours for just short of

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