Tuesday, 9 March 2010

LG Releases First Commercial HD 3D Monitor 23-inch Monitor Delivers Full HD Image, No Pricing or Availability Yet

South Korea's LG has rolled out the world's first fully HD 3D LCD
display, to much self-back patting. The 3D display, which is unnamed in
their press release, offers a full H
D picture and claims to be crisper than current 3D display in the market
How does it work, well, it's the same 3D technology that's been around
forever. The right and left eye see two barely different pictures,
tricking your mind into seeing depth. And yes, you'll need to wear
glasses with this display. LG listed the applications for
thisย monitorย as video gaming, watching movies and animations. No
comment on what software supports it.
3D tech has been on bit a comeback lately, with American graphics card
manufacturer NVIDIA has offered a 3D Vision kit this year that lets you
game in 3D, and various 3D motion pictures are in production by American
movie studios. LG hopes that their HD 3D monitor will
helpย accelerateย more HD 3D content in the future.ย LG's home country,
South Korea, hasย announcedย that they are going to begin experimenting
with 3D HD digital broadcast television, starting in 2010.
Despite declaring that they had 'released' the first HD 3D montior, no
pricing or availability (or even a name and model number) on the monitor
were released to the public.
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