Tuesday, 9 March 2010

HP Leaks Reveals Upcoming Intel, ATI Hardware Leaked HP slides confirm Core i3, mid-range Radeon HD 5000

Fans of Intel chips and ATIย graphicsย cards have gotten a bit of an
early Christmas as a leak from HP has confirmed that a low-end Core
series chip is coming from Intel and that a mid-range ATI graphics card
are coming in 2010 (and also coming in new HP computers in 2010, obviously).
Leaked HP PowerPoint slides on their 2010 computer lineup reveal
information on upcoming hardware from ATI and Intel. HP will start
offering their Pavilion desktops with a choice between the already
released Radeon HD 5570, or a new lower-end Radeon HD 5350, which will
sport 1GB of VRAM, and HDMI, DVI and VGA ports.
Upcoming Pavilions will have a choice between the Clarkdale-based Core
i5-6xx series, which was previously released butย unannounced, and the
new Core i3-5xx, which will also use Clarkdale chips. Intel had
previouslyย announcedย the name of the Core i3 chip, but no other
information (like that it would use Clarkdale) had come out.
These new HP computers (and, by extension, the hardware inside of them)
is scheduled to come out in early 2010. No pricing information or exact
release dates came out about the computers or the hardware.
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