Sunday, 7 March 2010

Haier Theatre PMP Revealed Theatre PMP Unveiled, Small Touchscreen, 8GB, Cheap Price

Introducing the Haier Theatre, a small iPod Touch-like PMP with a
remarkable price. For only $100, you can get a 8GB PMP with a pretty big
touchscreen and a sharp design, or the 4GB variant for only $90.
This PMP comes from a strange source as Haier is an American applicance
company that is better known for their dishwaster and refridgerators.
They recently ventured into the consumer electronics market with
televisions and are now introducing the '
Theatre', a low-cost touchscreen PMP.
It won't run the iPod Touch's large collection of apps – this
isย strictlyย a no-frills PMP, with support for music, video, pictures
and text. The Theatre will support MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, AVI, JPG and TXT
files, and comes with a FM tuner. As said, it supports a 3-inch touchscreen.
While it isn't any elite tech gadget toย satisfyย us hardcore geeks, it
could be the perfect Christmas gift to a less hardcore family member.
The 4GB will cost you $90 while the 8GB will cost you only a bit more at
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