Sunday, 7 March 2010

D-Link Boxee Box Revealed D-Link's New Wireless Hub Plays Internet Content On Your TV

D-Link, best known for their routers and other network hardware, have
unleashed this unique gadget that connects your TV to your computer,
through WiFi, of course. The Boxee Box will be able to stream internet
and other PC content to your TV, and even has some social networking
features built in.
The Boxee Box is designed to work with the Boxee Software, which
is a popular media center app for Windows, Linux and Mac. Boxee's
freeware app has been around a few years and comes with a ton of
features. Boxee supports a ton of video and audio formats, image viewing
(even for comic book formats, like .CBR), BitTorrent support, and social
networking support, like letting your friends on Facebook automatically
see what you're watching.
Now, back to the actually Boxee Box. The Box will connect to your TV
(via HMDI, orย component) and has an SD card slot, USB ports,
anย Ethernetย port and a WiFi. When networked to your PC, you can stream
content from your PC or the internet to your TV, via the Boxee Box. It's
extremely similar to the Apple TV or other sort of set-top box style
things we've seen before.ย Defiantlyย a neat device if you watch a lot
of web video content. The Boxee Box is expected to be released in Q2
2010 and will cost about $200.
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