Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dell Precision M6500 Is The 'Most Powerful Mobile Workstation' Dell Releases New Notebook Workstation, Packs Quad-Core Processor

With all theย excitementย surrounding smartphones, MIDs, tablets and
netbooks, it's good to see some buzz surrounding an honest-to-goodness
dreadnaught of a notebook computer. Dell is claiming that their new
Precision M6500 is 'the most powerful mobile workstation ever' and it
might be, considering the thing is packing an Intel Core i7 quad-core
Along with the Core i7 quad-core CPU, the Precision M6500 comes with 2GB
of DDR3 (expandable to 16GB), a 160GB drive, a 17 display and an ATI
FirePro graphics card with 1GB of VRAM (you can opt for a NVIDIA Quadro
card, as well). The OS of choice is Windows 7 Pro, and Dell, being who
they are, is offering a Windows XP Pro 'downgrade'. Haven't they heard,
the tech blog crowd likes Windows 7 more than Vista.
I don't think the notebook is that bad looking either, as some of Dell's
Enterprise offerings have looked, well, boring. No comment on battery
life, but even with a 9-cell battery, this thing probably should be
plugged in all the time.
The special Orange model (shown above) is being sold in limited numbers
and will set you back $4,219. The regular model will cost only $2,749.
You can order yours here. Considering Dell and Apple's historic rivalry,
I fullyย expectย the next generation of MacBook Pros to sport an
eight-core Core i9 processor.
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