Monday, 15 March 2010

Barnes Noble Nook Is Really Delayed B N Nook Delayed Until Past Christmas

The Nook has been one of the hottest tech gadgets this holiday season,
either because it's an eBook Reader or because it carries the Barnes
Noble name (one of the three major booksellers in the United States).
Whatever the reason, after being delayed, the Nook sold out extremely
quickly, and now, won't be back in stock until January 15th of next year.
Anybody wanting to score a Nook for Christmas is out o
f luck as the handy device has been delayed until next year, unless you
were a lucky earlyย adapter. People with anย existingย pre-order have
been assured they will get one by December 9th, according to an e-mail
sent to pre-order customers by B N President William Lynch. They'll also
get a $10 gift certificate for B N's online store and an upgrade to
next-day shipping – not a bad deal.
Any other interested parties in the Nook will have to wait. An earlier
report that the Nook would be stocked in B N retail stores (starting
Monday) turned out to be false as B N is 'redirecting shipments to meet
pre-orders'. The 'ship date' listed for the Nook on B N's website went
from January 11th to January 15th, as well.
Features of the Nook include a 6-inch E Ink display, a smaller color
touchscreen for control, 2GB of internal storage with a microSD slot,
and internet connectivity through WiFi and AT T 3G.
The Nook is running a modifiedย versionย of Google's Android OS, and one
interesting feature of the Nook is 'LendMe', where some (not all)
purchased books can be shared with a friend's Nook.ย The Nook is
allegedly out now, although you'll have to wait for a bit to get yours,
and will set you back $259.
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