Sunday, 14 March 2010

ASUS' UM30 Laptop Looks A Bit Familiar ASUS New Thin Laptop Looks Like MacBook Air, 13" screen

ASUS' new ultra-thin notebook,the UM30, is set to be released in Japan
soon and it has a very strikingย resemblanceย to the MacBook Air from
Apple. The UM30 is also pretty thin and light, coming in at only 19.6 mm
thick and a light weight of 1.4 kg.
In addition to the lightweight, the UM30 sports an Intel Core 2 Duo
T9400 (no clock speed reported by ASUS – Intel&#
8217;s default speed for that chip is 2.5GHz), a 13 display, 3GB of
DDR2 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and comes with Windows 7. Not bad for a
ultra-thin computer.
Comparing it to its doppelgรคnger, the MacBook Air, the Core 2 Duo on
the air is clocked slower at 1.86GHz, has less memory of a faster type
at 2GB DDR3, and has a smaller default hard drive. For what its worth,
the MacBook Air comes with Mac OS X and the famed Mac user experience.
The UM30 will hit Japan tomorrow for the price of 100,000 yen (roughly
$1,105), which is about $400 cheaper than the MacBook Air, as well. With
a similar design and a slightly faster processor, the MacBook Air might
have found a challengerย in the ultra-thin race.
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