Sunday, 14 March 2010

ASUS Eee Pad Tablet Rumors Surface Eee Pad Tablet to Be Based on the ASUS Eee PC and Inspired by the Apple Tablet

Some would say that Taiwanese internet publication DigiTimes is nothing
more than a rumor spreading tabloid which covers the semiconductor,
electronics, computer and communi
cations industries in Greater China, and although they're to be taken
with a good pinch of salt, we'll have to agree with the fact that
sometimes the guys are really on something.
Speaking of rumors, we just got our eyes on a DigiTimes report (link
below) stating that ASUS has been inspired by all those rumors
surrounding the Apple tablet and have decided to come up with their own
ASUS Eee Pad tablet. Significantly smaller than the yet to be confirmed
MacTablet, the Eee Pad drops well in the MID category as it's supposedly
going to pack a screen between just 4 inches and 7 inches wide.
Although the company hasn't confirmed anything yet, given their
experience with touchscreen devices that include all-in-one PCs or their
convertible Eee PC tablets, and considering that ebook readers have
gained in popularity as of late, the Eee Pad tablet certainly sounds
like a pretty solid decision.
Add Windows 7 to the whole deal and it sounds pretty perfect!
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