Friday, 5 March 2010

Archos 5 Android Now Shipping Archos Tablet Not Delayed, 8GB, Bluetooth

Reports surfaced a few months ago that the Android-powered Archos 5
tablet would be delayed until 2010, but now it has been quietly added to
USย electronicsย store Radio Shack's website and is in stock. The 4.8
tablet will cost you $250 and is now shipping.
Archos, the French electronics company who is better know for their MP3
players has been branching out into other tech industries and with all
the Andorid craze, why not create a nice tablet MID? The Archos 5 is
nice unit, sporting a 800MHz ย processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, 128
MB of RAM but with 8GB of flash memory and a large 4.8 touchscreen.
Cellular internet connectivity is possible if you
Bluetoothย tetherย your Archos 5 to a mobile phone in modem mode, but
that might be a bit overly complicated – your call. Archos has
promised multiple verisons with different storage sizes, including all
the way up to a 500GB HDD model, but so far only the 8GB flash model has
appeared on American shores.
Reports earlier this year claimed that this Archos 5 Android unit would
be delayed until 2010, but this unit quietly showed up on Radio Shack's
website, and it's even in stock (for now).ย Right now, the Archos 5 is
only out in the United States for $250, and is now shipping. No sign on
the other storage models, yet, however.
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