Friday, 5 March 2010

Acer Developing Chrome-powered Netbook Acer Wants To Be The First With Chrome OS Netbook, Aims For Mid-2010 Release

Acer's chairman confirmed that th
e Taiwanese computer company wants to be the first to release a
Chrome-powered netbook, according to information coming out today. Acer,
which used to strongly put itself in Microsoft's camp, has shown a
willingness to go with non-traditional operating systems as they
recently released a model sporting Google's Android.
Acer experimented this August by releasing a dual-boot netbook that
featured both Windows and Android, and now they are working on a
Chrome-only netbook that will be released in 'mid-2010′. Despite
reports that the dual-boot netbook did not sell as well as expected,
Acer is pressing on.
Acer is claiming that they were the first 'first-tier' computer
manufacturer to venture into the Android space by releasing an Android
netbook, and they don't link the poor sales of the dual-boot model to
the inclusion of the Android OS.
One thing is for sure, the Google operating systems (Android and Chrome)
are taking their perspective markets by storm. Many
computerย manufacturersย seem inclined to include Android on bigger
platforms, despite it's purpose as a mobile phone OS.
Acer'sย commitmentย to using Chrome on a netbook is one of the first
times we've seen Chrome coming pre-installed on a
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