Monday, 1 February 2010

Verizon Is Still Making Fun of AT T Three New Holiday Ads Continue โ€ Thereโ€ s a Map for Thatโ€ Campaign

Like it or not folks, Verizon is definitely a carrier worth checking out
these days. The company has a couple of new hot Android phones out there
and more will follow. The BlackBerry Curve 2 has been confirmed, not to
mention that more rumors and reports say that a CDMA iPhone is in the works.
Verizon seems also interested in continuing its �There s a Map for That
� ad campaign. Making fun of AT T seems really interesting right now and
Big Red doesn t seem to care all that much about AT T s lawsuit. AT T
has sued Verizon alleging that the �There s a Map for That � is doing
some false advertising. So what did Verizon have to respond to that? The
company launched not one, but three new commercials in which it
continues bashing AT T.
All three new ads are holiday oriented and this time Verizon is making
it very clear that the ads are talking about 3G coverage only. The 3G
maps are presented again and the message is pretty obvious. Verizon has
a much wider 3G network so customers should choose it over AT T s. What
do you think it s going to happen? Will AT T lose any subscribers to
Verizon in the following months?
The new ads are titled �Naughty Nice �, �Misfit Toys � and �Blue
Christmas � and you ll definitely have a laugh watching them.
In �Naughty Nice � only naughty kids are going to get a 3G phone from
AT T, and the elves have a really funny punch line when referring to the
AT T phone: �good luck browsing the web with that one. � �Misfit Toys
� shows an iPhone coming to the Misfit Toys world. As cool a toy it is,
it s still using AT T s network. In �Blue Christmas � Verizon shows us
a father that can t really communicate with his family as he is using AT
T s 3G network. Luckily for him his kid has a new present for him that
will solve his problems.
Did Apple inspire Verizon when it comes to making fun of the competition
on a regular basis? Will we see other sequels soon? What do you think
about the new commercials?
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