Thursday, 4 February 2010 Wireless Handheld Keyboard Touchpad Released Handheld USBGeek Keyboard-Trackpad for PCs, Looks Smartphone-like

Do you enjoy surfing the computer without leaning forward to use the
keyboard and mouse? Is your computer connected to a TV set and you have
difficulties controlling it from the sofa? If you have these problems,
the latest offering from USBGeek may be for you, as it's not a circa
2000 Palm Smartphone, but in fact, it's a rather handy small keyboard
and trackpad in the palm of your hand.
The Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Touchpad will run you
$62, and features a 48-key QWERTY keyboard, along with a trackpad,
similar to what you'd find on a notebook computer. Plug in the USB
wirelessย receiverย into your computer, and you've got a 30 feet of
wireless freedom. The built-inย rechargeableย battery is juiced up by a
USB recharging unit, and the thing even has a back light for working in
low/no light situations.
One of theย obviousย applications is surfing from your sofa, possibly to
a Media Center PC or laptop. A lack of Mac support limits the usage to
the Windows side, although I wouldn't be surprised if a hacked driver
showed up soon for Mac support. Don't let the ugly design fool you, this
is one useful gadget. We covered a better looking Japanese device back
in July, but this thing is smaller, cheaper andย availableย everywhere.
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