Thursday, 4 February 2010

LessLoss Blackbody Annouced LessLess annouces new audio enhancment accessory, highly expensive, usefulness questioned

Say, is your home stereo system $1000 under budgetย and you can't get
theย qualityย where you want it? If so, then the LessLoss Blackbody may
 be for you. LessLoss, aย manufacturerย of audio equipment and cables,
has begun selling the very ominous Blackbody, a device that
willย allegedlyย improve the sound coming from your stereo equipment by
modifyingย the ambient electromagnetic phenomena inside your audio
gear's circuitry. Uh, what?
LessLoss' website features a blog entry, one that's six pages long,
written by the designer of the Blackbody, Louis Motek, explaining the
science behind the Blackbody and how it allegedly will help your
audioย quality. Lucky for you, your humble TFTS correspondent has read
the entire thing and is ready to explain to you how it allegedlyย works
in layman's terms.
In the space every where around is is photonic energy we can't see. This
photonic energy interfers with the electrical workings of equipment and
distrubs your sound quality. The Blackbody, effectively, sucks in the
photonic energy, leaving your audio gear to run without ย the extra
photonic energy interfering with its operations. According to
Motek'sย explanation, any sort ofย shieldingย on your audio equipment
couldn't work (that would block out one wavelength on the light
spectrum, don't you know). As the blog says itself Your audio gear will
only play what you wish to hear. No noise. No clutter .
Now, how exactly Mr. Motek achieves this with a tiny box is never
explained. There are no diagrams, no pictures of the Blackbody
unassembled. The blog features a fine scienitific exlpaination of what
photon energy is (including some taped lecture from Nobel Prize winning
physicist Dr. Richard Feynman), but its effectiveness has been
questioned by some in the tech community.
At its steep price of $995, it's a bit out of the 'give it a try' range
for most consumers. I'm not saying it's a scam, LessLoss appears to be
aย legitimateย company and Motek's science is sound, but the lack of
anย explanationย of the Blackbody's internal workings, and the steep
price (the company encourages you to buy three – for best
results), has me concerned. Still, if the technology works, this could
change audio equipment forever.
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