Friday, 26 February 2010

Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse Caught in the Wild Multifunctional Bluetooth Laser Mouse VGP-BMS80 Lacks in Design, Costs $80

After last week's OpenOfficeMouse debacle, it's Sony's turn with their
new VAIO Bluetooth Laser. Although it's not going to going to win any
beauty contests, the new Bluetooth Laser Mouse VGP-BMS80 is a
multifunctional mouse, that can be connected to either a PC or a PS3ย
and can operate both as a mouse or as a trackpad-like thingy in its air
mode , which by the way, doesn't require a surface.
The Vaio Bluetooth VGP-BMS80 laser mouth looks a lot like a … real
rat flattened by a steamroller, especially if we're to consider the grey
pouch it comes with. Other than looks, when in PC mode, it runs like any
usual mouse but with some extra bells and whistles for browsing and
scrolling thanks to the software it packs, while when in PS3 mode it
does function as a controller, yet there's not functionality within games.
As for the Air mode we mentioned above, apparently you move the
pointer using the built-in Optical Finger Sensor in the middle of the
mouse and there's also a supplied software keyboard for typing (URLs,
search keywords) from the comfort of your couch.
The new Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse will cost $80, but we'll have to
be honest that it's not more than bar of soap.

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