Friday, 26 February 2010

Motorola i680 First Details Emerge as i680 Clears FCC Motorola i680 iDEN Phone Offers Rugged Appearance, Clamshell Design - Set for Sprint?

Whilst details at this particular juncture remain pretty sparse, thanks
to the Motorola clearing the FCC we can gain at least some insight as to
not only what the Motorola i680 phone brings to the table in terms of
features but we can also get our first glimpse of Motorola s new iDEN
Appearing to offer a somewhat rugged, clamshell design, the new Motorola
i680, which appears to be headed to Sprint, is confirmed as offering up
both integrated Bluetooth and GPS alongside 800/900MHz iDEN network
support whilst featuring dual displays, a built-in camera of an as yet
unknown resolution and, in terms of bolt-on storage, a microSD card slot
is also in evidence.
Yet to be officially announced by Motorola (or, for that matter,
Sprint), further notable features of the Motorola i680 includes video
capture capabilities, integrated audio/video player, threaded messaging
and PTX services but that s about all that can be gained by the FCC
documentation – though we will, of course, bring you an update
with a full low down concerning the i680's features and specifications
the moment greater detail is madeย availableย to us.
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