Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Samsung Set to Drop Symbian OS in 2010 Samsung to Focus on Windows Mobile, Android and Bada Operating Systems, Says Samsungโ€ s Senior Vice President

According to reports just hitting the wire, Samsung s vice president,
Don Joo Lee, has acted to confirm that Samsung are to concentrate on
developing new smartphones utilising Windows Mobile, Android and their
own, in house developed Baja operating systems from 2010 " the result
being that Samsung will drop the Symbian OS completely.
It is, it s fair to say, hardly surprising that Samsung " who,
incidentally, are the top selling handset provider in multiple markets
(including the US, UK, France and Russia) – are to drop the
Symbian OS, especially in mind of the onslaught of (particularly) WinMo
and Android powered smartphones but this this won t sweeten the pill as
far as the Symbian OS in concerned " though, of course, Nokia are still
fiercely maintaining that they are set to stick with Symbian. Quite
whether Samsung dropping the OS will see other vendors (such as Nokia)
mulling things over, however, remains to be seen. We suspect it just might.
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