Sunday, 28 February 2010

Phenom Dream Watch Phone Gets Official Quad-band, Dual SIM, World Watch Phone Available for $395

This is neither the first nor the last watch phone we will see here on
TFTS but it s a brand new one launched by Phenom Communications. It s
also supposed to be
a very hot one although it s up to you to decide if it can top LG s
watch phone which we ve seen earlier this summer.I for one would rather
stick to regular cell phones and smartphones. The most important reason
is that I value my eyesight more than my need for totally cool gadgets.
Because let s face it, a watch phone is ubercool, but it also comes with
a tiny display which can t be compared to the Droid s 3.7-inch
touchscreen display for example.
The Phenom Dream is a quad-band, dual SIM phone which can be used almost
anywhere in the world. Unfortunately for this world watch phone there s
no 3G support, but we ll let it slide for a change since we don t really
need that particular feature. What are we going to do? Browse the web
from the watch phone all day long?Phenom Dream
The Dream comes with features like an external key pad, full color
touchscreen, MP3 and video player, digital and still camera, USB
connectivity, up to 2GB memory space, and SD card support. The phone can
take notes thanks to a compact stylus and record dictation while on the run.
The watch phone comes unlocked and we might not see any carrier around
the world hurry up and sell this baby soon. The Dream will retail for
the �very reasonable holiday promo price of just $375. � It sounds like
a lot but the Dream is apparently the most exclusive watch phone sold by
Phenom Communications. The company also has two more models, the Special
OPS (pictured above) and Mi5 watch phones which seem to be made for the
special James Bond in you. Naturally they both come with features
similar to the Dream.
Anyone interested in watch phones?

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