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Nokia N900 US Release Confirmed Today Nokia N900 Pre-Orders Now Shipping Stateside

The long rumored and highly anticipated Nokia N900 is finally shipping
for US customers, as announced in an official press release today.
Apparently pre-orders for the mobile computer, as Nokia refers to it,
have started shipping and those who paid the hefty price should be
getting their Linux-based Maemo-running handsets, shortly — if not
A powerful pocket computer that runs Maemo, Nokia N900 marks a move away
from Symbian. It brings multiple ways to connect to the Internet
(including access for 3G data networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), 32GB of
storage and has the ability to multitask several applications or web
browsers at once. There's also a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a full QWERTY
keyboard that makes web browsing, IM and emailing very easy and a five
megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash, for
perfect imagery.
In the US the new N900 will cost some $649 if you plan a visit to
Nokia's flagship stores in New York and Chicago to get it yourself, or
$504.99 on Amazon.
Check out the press release below:
The Nokia N900 is now available to US consumers
November 18, 2009
A computer in your pocket – The Nokia N900 is here!
WhitePlains, N.Y., USA — Nokia today announced that the highly
anticipated Nokia N900 is now on sale in the United States and shipping
to consumers who jumped on the opportunity to be among the first to
pre-order the Maemo-powered mobile computer. With the Linux-based Maemo
platform and with multiple ways to connect to the Internet, the Nokia
N900 enables users to be online as it happens with a powerful computer
in the palm of their hands.
Consumers from every segment of the population are looking for more
out of their mobile device – more power, more ability, more
connectivity. The Nokia N900 ushers in a new era with a very powerful
mobile computer, said Alessandro Lamanna, Vice President, Retail Sales,
Nokia. With an open source operating system, incorporated technology
like an OMAP processor, and real time web widgets, the Nokia N900
delivers the experience of a pocketable computer that has the
information you're looking for right there waiting for you thanks to the
ability to be connected just about anywhere.
With the Linux-based Maemo operating platform, 32GB of storage and
multiple options of connectivity including access for 3G data networks,
consumers no longer need to leave everything that makes them them
– their email, favorite websites, social communities, images,
music – anywhere but on their Nokia N900. With the Nokia N900, you
don't have to worry about missing that next great moment.
Additionally, with the ability to multitask several applications or web
browsers at once, the Nokia N900 allows for users to eliminate boredom
wherever they go. Surfing several web pages while listening to music
while talking on instant message with friends – all at the same
time – couldn't be easier.
Maemo software is based on an open source platform and allows for a
variety of different applications to be developed – from home brew
to commercial and everything in between; such as podcasting, Twitter and
instant messaging applications. Consumers and developers can join the
conversation with other members and Nokia employees by visiting
With a web browser based on Mozilla technology, the Nokia N900 allows
consumers to access a world wide web that is more computer-like than
before. Consumers can view their favorite websites, use drop down menus,
watch Flash videos and access the web on a mobile device screen thanks
to support for Adobe Flash 9.4 and gesture support within the Nokia N900
web browser.
The Nokia N900 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard
and enables consumers the ability to personalize up to four different
home screens as they wish. One can be work related with a calendar
widget and contacts application while another can be favorite bookmarked
web pages while yet another can be set to show popularsocial networks.
The Nokia N900 retains Nokia's legacy of high quality imaging with a
five megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash along the
ability to share those images and videos straight from your device to
services such as Ovi Share. With Ovi services like Maps and Files, the
Nokia N900 allows users access to their Ovi account right from their device.
The Nokia N900 is available in a black finish and will retail for USD
649 through Nokia Flagship stores in New York and Chicago,
and various independent retailers and e-tailers including
For more information and high resolution images, please visit
For more information on how to develop for Nokia N900 and Maemo, please
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